Music Machine, The Fuzztones at the Coconut Teazer

"Talk Talk" is one of THE greatest garage-punk, psychedelic rock & roll singles of the 60's. No, of all time. And the band who created it, the Music Machine, are back, complete with their original singer/songwriter. And in a stroke of pure genius, the Teazer has managed to book a band who look and sound exactly like the Music Machine in their heyday, the Fuzztones. The Machine should sound great (although they may look like a bunch of retired golfers), but you rest assured that the Fuzztones will both look and sound great. this is the last show for a few months, and we prob ably won't be hearing too much from them until their RCA record debut in September. Note: don't for- get your shades.

(Scott Morrow) L.A. WEEKLY 1989

"Fuzzy (Rudi), is truly a prince among men. The Fuzztones were magnificent in NY, their renditions and presentations of MM material was nothing short of sterling, cool chrome-plated classic garage. Rudi is responsible for reuniting me with my career. He has been a constant inspiration -- a wise and thoughtful gentleman in all circumstances, and I am honored to call him my friend."


Rudi and Ron Edgar at Cavestomp 2003

It is no secret that the Music Machine were one of The Fuzztones' biggest influences. Rudi met leader Sean Bonniwell at the Psychedelic Summer of Love in 1987 when his newly reformed Music Machine played with Arthur Lee's newly reformed LOVE, and the original line-up of the Seeds. They kept in contact and Rudi arranged a double gig at L.A.'s Coconut Teazer. Sean's new line-up disbanded soon after, and he asked Rudi to put a band together for him, but this was at a time when The Fuzztones were at their peak, just getting signed to RCA, and there was no time for side projects. Rudi and Sean did get together again in 1990 when Sean contributed guest vocals on The Fuzztones album, "Braindrops." Rudi was again contacted in 2001, to provide Sean and original Music Machine drummer Ron Edgar with a backing band for their appearance at the Knights of Fuzz Cavestomp in NYC. For this event, Rudi played bass, and former Fuzztones Deb O' Nair and Phil Arriagada contributed organ and lead guitar. Again, this was a double gig with The Fuzztones. One week later, Sean and Ron were off to L.A. where they played the Palace theatre, once again as The Music Machine. This time they were backed by future Fuzztones Lana Loveland on organ, Lenny Svilar on lead guitar, and occasional Fuzztones substitute bassist Rob Ampersand. This line-up was to be the core of his band when he toured Europe as the Bonniwell Music Machine in 2004.

Robb, Lana, Sean, Lenny, Jason, Tim